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The Australian Electrophysiology Data Analytics PlaTform (AEDAPT) project will create a national platform for reproducible electrophysiology data analysis and sharing, accessible to all Australian researchers across a wide range of disciplines that conduct electrophysiological research. This platform, called NeuroDesk, will make state-of-the-art analysis tools highly accessible by researchers from universities, industry, and clinical settings. 

By making NeuroDesk interoperable with other analysis platforms such as the Australian Imaging Service (AIS), Characterisation Virtual Lab (CVL) / the Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS), and BrainLife, AEDAPT will act as a catalyst for scaling up electrophysiology and multimodal neuroimaging research to large national and international collaborative research projects addressing major challenges such as epilepsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia.

NeuroDesk enables researchers to access and use neuroimaging software within a lightweight Linux desktop container accessible via a browser interface that runs on any operating system supporting Docker (e.g. Windows, MacOS). NeuroDesk allows researchers to retain access to the same virtual desktop environment while seamlessly transitioning between any combination of operating system and computer platform, including high performance computing systems and cloud computing. 

NeuroDesk makes imaging analyses FAIR





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